C-114 Pumps

C-114 Pumps With DG Seal

“D” Seal Versus “DG” Seal

“D” Seal:

Dynamic seal: Carbon
Stationary seal: Stainless steel (backplate itself).
The D seal is the most economical and popular option (Standard in all C-series pumps).
Seal material is carbon (Carbon-graphite) rotating on stationary stainless steel 316L back plate. 

  • Suitable for sanitary applications where fluid is non-abrasive and lubricating.
  • The backplate is a wear item in this configuration and must be replaced every so often.

“DG” Seal:

Dynamic seal: Carbon
Stationary seal: Silicon carbide.
This seal utilizes the standard “D” type rotating components but has an added stationary seal of silicon carbide for added wear resistance.
The standard stationary seal material is silicon carbide. This stationary seal is reversible, you can changeover very quickly if one side is damaged. 

  • Suitable for sanitary applications, including those using non-lubricating and abrasive fluids.
  • Silicon carbide vs. carbon is the best combination of seal faces for most applications since its coefficient of friction is very low.