Is a positive displacement pump the right option for you?

Do you want transfer high viscosity fluids?
Do you want Pumping fluids containing substantial solids, slurries, and pastes?
Does your application require a self-priming suction lift?
Do you need a measured flow or constant pressure at different flow rates?

Positive displacement pumps are used to transfer high viscosity fluids at high pressures and relatively low flows.
Usually selected for their ability to handle fluids with particles and soft solids.
VISCOSITY RANGE up to 1,000,000 CP

Is the latest generation "2-in-1" pump, delivering the benefits of both positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps.
Save time and cost because pumping and cleaning are processed within a single pump.
Handle low and highly viscous fluids, pastes and fruit particles within a juice.

This pump will handle high viscosity products and settled slurries that jam up lobe pumps or progressing cavity pumps with ease. It also imparts very low shear forces to the pumped product, far lower shear than lobe pumps or progressive cavity pumps.

Rotary lobes have the ability to handle highly viscous fluids, pastes and handle fluids containing soft solids without causing any damage.

Flexible Impeller Pumps

Flexible Impeller Pumps

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Sanitary Peristaltic Pumps

Sanitary Peristaltic Pumps

Flexible impellers handle low and high viscosity fluids, gels and pastes and carefully can handle fluids containing hard and soft solids. 

Progressive cavity pumps are used to transfer products of low and high viscosity as well as products containing soft particles.

The peristaltic pumps are ideal for transferring abrasive products such as spent grains, crushed meat juices containing bone debris… They also ensure the safe transfer of fragile products (fruit pieces or slaughterhouse residues in the recovery of by-products).

application examples


TypeMax. viscosity (CP)Max. size soft solids (Inches)Gentle with soft solids productsMax. flow (GPM)Max. pressure. (PSI)Suction lift (feet)costBidirectional
Centrifugal Pump900Nrnr650870$No
Lobe pump200,0000.60+/-65017410$$$yes
Circumferential piston1,000,0001.0+/-15230013$$$$yes
flexible impeller20,0000.70++1098716$yes
progressive cavity1,000,0001.25++19817422$$yes
twin screw1,000,0001.62++40017420$$$$$yes

++ Good     + fair     - poor     nr = not recommended

productsViscosity (centipoise)°F
Peanut butter250,00070
sour cream100,00070
processed cheese30,00065
cookie cream29,00065
corn syrup12,000130