Progressive Cavity Pumps

Advantages of the Inoxpa Kiver progressive cavity pump

COST EFFECTIVE: Is an economical alternative to many other pump types.
GENTLE: Carefully can handle fluids containing only soft particles like whole grapes and others products, up to 1 1/4"size.
VISCOSITY: Progressive Cavity Pumps are used to transfer products of low and high viscosity up to 1,000,000 CP.
SELF-PRIMING: Are capable to lift from a depth up to 22 feet.  
REVERSIBLE OPERATION: The pump can work in both directions.
MAINTENANCE: Easily dis-assembled and clean.
VERSATILITY: The KST/KSFT pumps, thanks to the hopper and auger, are suitable for pumping high viscosity products, doughs, pastes and liquids with suspended particles.

Flow and pressure

3 HP up to 75 GPM @ 25.8 PSI (60 feet)
5 HP up to 75 GPM @ 36.8 PSI (80 feet)
7.5 HP up to 130 GPM @ 36.8 PSI (80 feet)
Performance data for water @ 68 °F

This information is provided for reference purposes only. To find out which pump is best for your application, please fill out our pump application data sheet

Operating principle

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The hydraulic parts that form the pump are the rotor and the stator. The rotor is a round-section worm. The stator has two ribs and its pitch doubles that of the rotor, thus allowing empty cavities between the stator and the rotor.

These cavities are used to transport the fluid. When the rotor turns within the stator, the cavities move longitudinally from the suction area to the discharge nozzle.

Versatile pump for wineries

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Versatile pump for blenders