Twin Screw Pumps

JEC Twin-screw pumps are driven by an external helical timing gear, which has a very hygienic structure for non-contact metal. The structure was satisfied with EHEDG, 3-A standard.

Advantages of a Twin Screw pump

"2-IN-1 PUMP": Delivering the benefits of both positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. High-speed range up to 3,000 RPM, allow either products or cleaning solutions to be pumped with only one pump.
VISCOSITY: Capable to transfer products of low and high viscosity From 1 to 1,000,000 CP.
GENTLE: Carefully can handle fluids containing only soft particles like whole grapes and others products, up to 1 1/4"size. 
SELF-PRIMING: Are capable to lift from a depth up to 22 feet.  
REVERSIBLE OPERATION: The pump can work in both directions.
MAINTENANCE: Easily dis-assembled and clean.
VERSATILITY: The KST/KSFT pumps, thanks to the hopper and auger, are suitable for pumping high viscosity products, doughs, pastes and liquids with suspended particles.

Flow and pressure

3 HP up to 75 GPM @ 25.8 PSI (60 feet)
5 HP up to 75 GPM @ 36.8 PSI (80 feet)
7.5 HP up to 130 GPM @ 36.8 PSI (80 feet)
Performance data for water @ 68 °F

This information is provided for reference purposes only. To find out which pump is best for your application, please fill out our pump application data sheet

Operating principle

JEPS, self-priming pumps are specialized for air and gas contained products which cannot be pumped by general centrifugal pumps.
Special designed air screw generates self-priming effect can optimize pump operation.

The air-screw rotation forces the mixture of liquid and air through the chamber which are then pumped out without cavitation problem.

Can I use the same CIP return pump to empty my product tank?

Yes, the hygienic design means the pump may also be used to handle the product.


Static Seal: A static seal is located in a groove and has no movement.
Examples: O-rings and Tri-Clamp® fittings gaskets

Dynamic seal: A dynamic seal is exposed to movement.
Examples: Butterfly valve gaskets

Static Seal Temperatures

Heat resistantExcellent (275°F)Excellent (400°F)
Cold resistantGood-Excellent (-20°F)Good-Excellent (-30°F)
Abrasion resistantGood-ExcellentGood
Acid resistanceGood-ExcellentGood
Vegetable oilGoodExcellent
Petroleum oilPoorExcellent

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