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When it comes to highly viscous media, our portfolio of positive displacement pumps offer great solutions:


*One pump for product and CIP Variable speeds up to 3,000 rpm allow production and cleaning with only one pump.

*Variable screw combinations Over 40 different combinations of screw diameters and pitches allow the pumps to operate at different operating points.

*Gentle product handling The pump design ensures a low-pulsation flow, which makes the pump especially suitable for large and delicate particles.

*Product protective procedure To avoid any waste of the product, the reverse operation allows to empty the discharge piping from the product, before starting the cleaning process.

Features & Benefits

• Thanks to the gentle, low-pulsation conveying, even sensitive products with large particles remain intact and ensures longer shelf life.

• Flexible 2-in-1 pump for product and CIP, saving investment, adaption time, expense, and labor

• Good suction performance due to tight manufacturing tolerances and narrow gaps in the pump.

• Hygienic design ensures quick and safe cleanability, saving time and resources and increasing production safety.

• Self-draining even without a drain valve Thanks to its hygienic design where the position of the suction connection is the deepest point in the pump, it can be completely emptied without a drain valve

New design helps to reduce up 23% material and up to 10% energy consumption.


Advantages in dairy applications

Yoghurt is one of the exceptionally demanding products in the dairy sector when it comes to transport: on the one hand, it is essential to avoid excessive shear forces to protect the valuable bacteria cultures and prevent the irreversible separating of the different phases and reduction of viscosity. On the other hand, like for almost all dairy products, the pumps needs to meet all hygienic requirements as well as fast and save cleaning to assure product safety.


High flexibility

The wide speed range increases flexibility in use with varying viscosities, temperatures, operating pressures or other important criteria. The conveyance of low viscous to extremely high viscous media is possible. By using different screws with different pitches, the pump can be optimally adapted to the pumped medium in terms of particle size. This enables gentle pumping of pieces of fruit or meat salads with particles diameters up to 74 mm.