NETZSCH Twin Screw Pump

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The benefit to the customer


NETZSCH presents the Sanitary  Twin Screw Pump with exclusive full service-in-place. Designed to optimize the transfer at low and high working pressures (up to 230 psi / 16 bar) of fluids with low and higher viscosity, such as chocolate, fruit, yogurt, and juices, and pumping them while keeping the integrity and natural properties, without any quality loss. This pump is a practical solution that adds more efficiency and technology to the process. The pump is made of AISI 316L stainless steel and polished according to international standards, making it easy to clean (CIP) and sterilize (SIP). As there is no contact between the rotating parts, the pump speed can be increased. Therefore, cleaning fluid (CIP fluid) and the 2NSH itself can carry out the main product without the need for an auxiliary system or a separate CIP pump.

General characteristics

The NETZSCH Twin Screw Pump  meets the high
requirements of food, beverage,
chemical, pharmaceutical and
cosmetic industries:
∙ Metal parts in contact with
the fluid is made of 316L
stainless steel

.Up to 1,000,000 cP  of viscosity. 
∙ High suction capability
(low NPSHr)
∙ No contact between the
rotating parts
∙ Reversible flow
∙ Low pulsation
∙ No dead spaces
∙ Smooth feeding of the
pumped product

Large capacity and pressure range

This pump covers a wide performance range and so offers wide flexibility of use.

∙ Flow rate up to 880 GPM / 200 m³/h

∙ Pressure up to 230 psi / 16 bar

Compact design

Small space requirements due to the compact design, having two options for mounting: with foot or flange.

A broad range of application examples:

∙ Food industry: dairy products, delicacies, ketchup, sauces, confectionery, baby food.

∙ Beverage industry: fruit juices, syrups, concentrates, breweries.

∙ Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry: creams, lotions, ingredients.

∙ Chemical industry: adhesives, solvents, paints, varnishes, and resins.

Your benefits

∙ Versatile use eliminating the need for a CIP pump

∙ Easy maintenance: simple assembly/disassembly

∙ Flexibility: use the same equipment for pumping fluids with low or high temperature/ viscosity

∙ No damage to the pumped product.

Four Different Pitch Screw Options:

Stainless steel screws with a high-efficiency profile that allow more flow per revolution and low fluid shear:

∙ Balanced with the high suction capability

∙ All screw pitches are the same diameter and are interchangeable

∙ Simple replacement without disassembly of bearings

∙ Pitch change allows change of flow, pressure range, and solid size with the same pump.

Product flexibility Due to the operation principle and the design of this positive displacement pump, fluids with the following properties can be conveyed:

∙ Low to high viscosity

∙ With/without solids

∙ Shear sensitive and shear-stable


 Innovative Full Service-in-Place (FSIP®) design for simplified maintenance (Optional) 

NETZSCH implemented FSIP® as a design concept in many products. It simplifies maintenance and the life of service staff. Thus it is possible to fully disassemble and assemble the screws and the mechanical seal without removing the pump from the processing line. As a result, servicing downtimes are significantly reduced. FSIP® is an intelligent technological solution that brings even more confidence and reliability to your processes.

Adding a jacket for heating or cooling allows temperature control of the fluid (optional):

The standard version of the Sanitary Twin Screw Pump can be equipped with a heating or cooling jacket. The jacket is installed around the entire housing in which the screws are located. An external, independent circuit heats or cools the jacket. This pump is perfect for applications where the pumped fluid tends to harden or requires temperature control to guarantee its quality.