Mobile Fogging Cart

Mobile Fogging Cart

Our Sanitising Mobile Fogging Cart is ideal for facilities and workplaces to dry fog sanitiser in large volumes, ensuring a contaminant free workplace and safeguarding production & employees.

Utilising Spraying Systems Mini Fogger 3 technology and compressed air, the unit emits an ultrafine dry mist for fast evaporation that does not leave floors or surrounding areas wet, preventing possible OH&S risks or ruining equipment. In comparison with hand cleaning, fogging allows sanitising chemicals to get into those hard to reach places and can easily disinfect machinery or equipment that is hard to clean by hand. One cart can serve in various sites and for a variety of purposes and is completely automated once switched on.

Recommended to be utilised with our PathoCide ready-to-use all purpose sanitiser and disinfectant, which has demonstrated efficacy against human coronavirus and other viruses more resilient to disinfection than SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

Ideal for:

  • Disinfecting Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Retail Stores & Other Large Venues
  • Hard Surface Sanitation
  • Floors and Walls
  • Bathrooms, Showers & Toilets
  • Safe On Hardware, Machinery & Electrical Components

The fogging process will last for 30 mins and is completely automated, it only needs to be switched on by the user and they can return to power off when finished, they don’t need to be in the room while it is being fogged.

The cart is adaptable to room sizes by changing nozzle configuration and air pressure. Pole height can be set as you like, up to 2 metres in height. Cart provides easy unit portability.

Mobile cart specifications

SSCO Mini Fogger 3
Mini Fogger nozzle type – MF3-4+SU2.5N-SS

  • 4 nozzle spray
  • Air usage per nozzle – 35 Normal litres per minute @ 3 bar pressure
  • Sanitiser usage per nozzle – 42 millimeters per minute.

Note: increasing the air pressure will increase the sanitiser usage and increase the amount of fog being produced.

Telescopic tube
The Mini Fogger is mounted at the top of a telescopic aluminium tube that can be extended up to 2 metres in height. The 2m height is the ideal height for allowing the fogging to be spread around a room. Can be set at desired height for other applications.

Air pressure regulators
The air pressure to the Mini Fogger is controlled at a regulator mounted on the handle of the mobile cart.

Liquid pressure pot
The liquid pressure pot hold 9 litres of liquid. Running a 4 nozzle type Mini Fogger will last about (depending on air pressure) 53 minutes. Pressure pot can easily be refilled.

Mobile cart
Dimensions: 900mm tall x 400mm wide x 400mm deep.
Weight: approximately 11Kgs (excludes liquid in the pressure pot.)
Materials: Cart – stainless steel. Telescopic post – aluminium.