High Viscosity Sample Valve 1 1/2" Tri-Clamp®

  • $78.82

High viscosity sample valve 1 1/2" Tri-Clamp®:

Used in tubing or tanks for sampling

• High viscosity products
• Large samples of medium viscosity products. 
• Product containing solid particles up to ¼" in diameter


• Syrup
• Honey
• Ice cream
• Yogurt
• Cream and lotions
• Ketchup
• And much more

Our metal to metal tapered seat plug design guarantees there is no retention and is easy to clean.
The valve is normally closed design; It will open when pushing the handle and will return to original closed position automatically by the spring force.
The valve seat opens inside so that it can avoid opening by accident due to much pressure in the pipe 

• Material: AISI 316L (internal Ra < 0.8 μm)
• Stem seal: PTFE

Technical specifications:

• Max working pressure: 145 psi (10 bar)
• Min. working pressure: Full vacuum
• Working temperature: 300 °F

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