Self Priming (CIP Return) Pumps

Advantages of a self-priming CIP return pump

Cleaning cost reduction:

Reduce water and chemical usage

When cleaning tanks with a CIP system, a self-priming CIP return pump is required. A CIP return pump must be capable of pumping a mixture of liquid and air, otherwise, it will easily become air locked. A standard centrifugal pump is not a good choice and if you are using it for this application you will not recover all of the cleaning solution which can waste chemicals and time.

 Improve Cleanability:

If you have the bottom of the tank filled with cleaning solution, you are not getting adequate mechanical force to cleaning the bottom of the tank.

Maintenance reduction:

If you are using a standard centrifugal pump instead, a self-priming CIP return pump cavitation can occur. This will occurred when the pump suction contains a mixture of liquid and air. Pump cavitation can severely damage the pump impeller blades, also cause the pump to run dry. When a pump runs dry it can create wear on the mechanical seal, due to no lubrication between the seal faces, which leads to downtime, loss of product, production, and profits.

If you hear strange noises coming from your pump, this is probably the cause.

Operating principle

JEPS, self-priming pumps are specialized for air and gas contained products which cannot be pumped by general centrifugal pumps.
Special designed air screw generates self-priming effect can optimize pump operation.

The air-screw rotation forces the mixture of liquid and air through the chamber which is then pumped out without cavitation problem.

Can I use the same CIP return pump to empty my product tank?

Yes, the hygienic design allows the pump to handle the product.


Static Seal: A static seal is located in a groove and has no movement.
Examples: O-rings and Tri-Clamp® fittings gaskets

Dynamic seal: A dynamic seal is exposed to movement.
Examples: Butterfly valve gaskets

Static Seal Temperatures

Heat resistantExcellent (275°F)Excellent (400°F)
Cold resistantGood-Excellent (-20°F)Good-Excellent (-30°F)
Abrasion resistantGood-ExcellentGood
Acid resistanceGood-ExcellentGood
Vegetable oilGoodExcellent
Petroleum oilPoorExcellent

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