Tri-Clamp® Dimensions

Tri-Clamp® or Sanitary Clamp are standard fittings used in the Dairy, Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage and Biotechnologies Industries. These kinds of sanitary fitting  connections are commonly known as "Tri-Clover," a brand and registered trademark of Alfa-Laval/Tri-Clover, the major manufacturer of these types of connections for over 50 years, and they are also known as "Tri-Clamp®," a registered trademark of Ladish Co. (previous owner of Tri-Clover fittings and its brand). Tri-Clamp® was originally used to describe the Tri-Clover 3-segment clamps, but the name "Tri-Clamp®" has become a common way of referring to these type clamps.

The nominal size for these clamps is determined by the outside of the pipe or tubing and NOT for the outside diameter of the clamp.

A = Outside clamp diameter

I = Inside pipe diameter

O = Outside pipe diameter

T = Wall Thickness

This is a Butt-weld elbow 2" nominal size

Wall Thickness?

The standard wall thickness for sanitary tubing and butt-weld fittings in USA is:

1" 16 0.065"
1.5" 16 0.065"
2" 16 0.065"
2.5" 16 0.065"
3" 16 0.065"
4" 14 0.083"


Wall thickness tolerances are set and maintained to match-up ASTM A269/270

This ensures the compatibility with other brands that meet with the ASTM.