Washdown Variable Frequency Drive

Washdown Variable Frequency Drives
Hybrid drive

Very simple to set up, No programming

Washdown NEMA-4X/IP-65
Small size and low cost
User friendly design
Easy to install and operate
Does not require commissioning
Up and running in less than 10 minutes

Why use washdown VFDs?

For years, equipment downtime scene was common in the food and beverage plants. Many indoor enclosures require protection from excessive moisture generated from hose directed or splashing water (Washdown). Variable Frequency Drives with NEMA 4X are enclosed drives which provide a degree of protection against water ingress.

What Do The NEMA Ratings Mean?

What is a variable Frequency drive?

A variable frequency drive is type of adjustable-speed drive and rotational force of an electric motor.
Variable frequency drives, or VFD, are used to control the speed of a 3-phase AC motor by changing the output frequency. Changing the speed of the pump changes the flow rate and pressure.

Why use variable Frequency drive?

Energy savings
Speed control start up and shutdown.
Controls pump to deliver accurate flows or constant pressures
Elimination of throttling flow control valves
Increased motor longevity
Allows the pump to run at the best efficiency point

Can single-phase motors be used with variable Frequency drives?

Yes, but is very limited. Three are some VFDs designed to operated specific types of single Phase motors. Makes no sense using VFD with single motor because most of VFDs are designed to operate three-phase motors only. 

Can a 3-Phase motor be run on a single phase?

The best choice for operation from single phase power is using a 3-phase motor with a VFD capable to convert single phase input power to 3-phase output. All you need to do is wire the single phase to the input side of your VFD and the wire the 3-phase power of you motor to the output of the drive
Our small size and low cost VFDs can work with a single phase only,dual (single / 3-phase) and 3-phase phase input only all of them with 3-phase output.

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