3-Way Plug Valves Tri-Clamp

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* Rubber (Silicone) or stainless steel plug
* Materials type 316L SS
* Meets 3-A sanitary finish
* Temperature to 100° F
* Butt Weld and Bevel Seat ends are available on request

Plug valves are excellent sanitary devices with minimal pressure drops. The plug valve features a tapered core assembly, which allows easy cleaning while eliminating crevices that can lead to contamination. These valves are constructed with a special taper which has been carefully designed to reduce wedging and galling. These rugged valves are made of type 316L stainless steel and come in clamp-end connections. Other connections are available upon request. Available in rubber or steel plugs.


Plug Valves, because of their inherent design, are recommended only for low-pressure applications. 25 PSI maximum; for use with non-hazardous products, and at temperatures not to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit  They are subject to leakage almost from the initial time of installation because of normal operating, maintenance, and cleaning procedures.