BCI Vertical Agitator

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The range of the BCI agitators presents vertical direct motor-driven agitators. These agitators are used in the processes of mixing, dissolution, dispersion, and maintenance whenever powerful and high-speed agitation is required in the food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, or chemical industries.

The agitators are normally fitted to small volume tanks of up to 1.500 liters for work with low-viscosity products.

The agitators are normally installed inside the tank either centrally with current deflectors or offset so that the offsetting itself prevents the rotation of the stirred product.
The rotation of the propeller makes the fluid flow to the bottom and then up to the surface of the product along the walls of the tank. The effect is promoted if the bottom of the tank is curved.
The Lineflux vigorously agitates the content of the tank promoting the mixing of the product while the sawtooth propeller promotes its dispersion.
Vertical agitator.
Sealing: V-ring and retainer.
Bearing support.
Propeller Attached to shaft and shaft attached to the half-shaft by Allen stud bolts.
IEC B14 motor, 1500 rpm, IP 55, F-class insulation.
Max. power 0.75 kW.
Lineflux propeller (Type 18).