C-100 Carts with Motor starter

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The TPT pump portable Cart is used for transfer product from tank to tank or CIP applications in beverages and food production.

Designed to allow easy hook up of hoses and mobility in small spaces .


  • The TPT cart is built in 304 stainless steel frame  with our TPT stainless steel  C-series pumps with washdown or TEFC motor.
  • The pump comes with a pre-wired extension cord (25 ft) and plug.
  • washdown Nema 4X VFD or motor starter.
  • Solid urethane wheels 4".
  • wheels are mounted is a solid stainless steel round bar 1/2" diameter.
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This information is provided for reference purposes only . To find out which pump is best for your application, please fill out our pump application data sheet


TEFC “Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled":

Totally enclosed motors are suitable for use in humid environments. The motor is dust tight and has a moderate water seal as well.


Designed to withstand high pressure wash-downs or other high humidity or wet environments. This does not allow for the motor to be submerged.


Pump wetted materials: 316L Stainless Steel

Connections: 1 1/2" X 1" Tri-Clamp

Impeller size: 3 11/16"

Mechanical seal: Carbon (Standard)

Seal type: D seal (Standard), DG seal not available

Elastomers: Buna (Standard), FKM and EPDM (Optional)

Spare Parts

Motors: 0.75 - 1 HP

Single phase motor(TEFC) 3-Phase motor (Washdown)

* 1-Phase, 60Hz
* 3600 RPM
* 115/208-230 Volt
* TEFC Enclosure
* 1.15 Service Factor
* Class F Insulation
* C-face - Rigid Base
* Rolled Steel
* NEMA 56C
* Capacitor start

* 3-Phase, 60Hz
* 3600 RPM
* 208-230/460 Volt
* TEFC Enclosure
* 1.15 Service Factor
* Class F Insulation
* C-face - Rigid Base
* Stainless Steel washdown
* NEMA 56C
* Corrosion resistant

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