C-114 Mechanical "DG" Seal Assembly (Conversion Kit

C-114 Mechanical "DG" Seal Assembly (Conversion Kit

  • $535.00

C-114 Mechanical "DG" Seal Assembly (Conversion Kit)

Mechanical "DG" Seal

Includes:  Clamp(1), Back-Plate (1), PTFE Gaskets (2), Silicon Carbide rotary seal, bolts (4), and Carbon Seal (1)


Not include: Pins and Casing gasket

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Gasket properties

Static Seal: A static seal is located in a groove and has no movement.
Examples: O-rings and Tri-Clamp® fittings gaskets

Dynamic seal: A dynamic seal is exposed to movement.
Examples: Butterfly valve gaskets

Static seal Temperatures

Gasket PropertiesEPDMViton
Heat resistantExcellent (275°F)Excellent (400°F)
Cold resistantGood-Excellent (-20°F)Good-Excellent (-30°F)
Abrasion resistantGood-ExcellentGood
Acid resistanceGood-ExcellentGood
Vegetable oilGoodExcellent
Petroleum oilPoorExcellent

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