Diaphragm Valves

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Diaphragm Valves


Flow control and shut-off


Dairy, Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, and Biotechnology industries.

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Working principle:

The diaphragm provides the body seal as well as the seat seal. There are no paths to the outside environment so it suitable for aseptic applications.
When the valve is closed the diaphragm moves towards the sealing face on the body.
The gasket is the only direct contact with the medium.

The gasket:

The diaphragm is the most critical component of a diaphragm valve. For this reason our PTFE+EPDM (Double layer) diaphragm gaskets combines the performance of the PTFE with an EPDM cushion.

• Excellent in steam applications 
• Excellent chemical resistance 
• Improve the CIP/SIP Cycles 
• Excellent expansion/contraction stability with minimal thermal expansion.

Technical specifications:

• Seal Material: PTFE + EPDM (Standard) All seal materials comply with FDA
• Steel Material: Product wetted steel parts SS 316L, other steel parts in SS 304 
• Working pressure: 150 psi 
• Working temperature: -22 to 302 °F
• Surface treatment: (internal) Ra 16-32μin (0.4-0.8μm), Ra 25 (0.5μm) is the default. ( External) Sand blast.
• Connections: Tri-clamp
• 3A compliance
• Heat number engraved


Diaphragm valves can be installed in horizontal and vertical position. When the valve is installed in horizontal position it should meet the following installation angle in order to achieve a good drainage.

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