Food Piston Dosing Pump

Food Piston Dosing Pump

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This pump is made of the association of a patented rotary valve and a piston driven by a brushless electrical linear actuator. 

The pump is synchronized by the filling and conditioning machine, giving a very accurate on-demand dosing of non-homogeneous ingredients that may contain solid pieces. Closest to the containers, the food piston pump ensures minimum losses and maximum repeatability.

The Food Piston pump is the only pump capable of dosing fluids with solid particles with extreme accuracy at high flow rates.


*Never waster a drop: the perfect dose of accuracy and flexibility*

Inaccuracies and flexibility deficiencies of dosing systems are the main causes of the high-cost operation of the food production systems.

Our system meets the requirements associated with each metered product the required accuracy and the implemented operating processes. Each technology that is used provides the best of its advantages regarding the accuracy, product losses, texture respect, productivity, and ease to clean. 

  • Respect for solid ingredients  (up to 1.8 inches)
  • High level of precision: +/- 0.5 %
  • Low ingredient losses
  • Self-priming
  • High versatility & flexibility
  • No emulsion, aeration, shearing
  • Compliant with FDA / 3A
  • Cleaning – Sterilization in Place


  • From 0.05 cc to 2,654 cc per dose
  • Up to 80 doses/min for 1 cc doses
  • Up to 20 doses/min for 1000 cc doses
  • 290 PSI maximum pressure for 0.05 to 180 cc per dose
  • 58 PSI maximum pressure for doses greater than 636 cc