Electro-Valve 3/2 Direct Acting

  • $47.06

3 way 2 positions (3/2) electro-valve Direct Acting Normally Closed


This small size electro-valve is the best choice for the application to operate single-acting angle seat valve, pneumatic actuator, and control valve.

Because of the special spool structure, the electro-valve can be directly mounted on the airport of the pneumatic actuator without any adaptor or plate.

Port and mounting Direct to actuator
Type 3 way 2 position NC (3/2)
Body Material Stainless steel and Nylon 66 + 30% glass fiber
Operating pressure 20-120 PSI
Operating temperature 41-122ºF
Working medium 40 Micron compressed air
Flow rate CV 1.5
Coil 110 VAC, LED Light
Power Consumption 5.5 VA
Insulation and Protection Class Nema 4X IP 65
Seal material NBR
Manual override On body