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Single-stage centrifugal pump for high system pressures

The high-pressure version of the proven HYGIA series for the dairy, food and beverage industry.

The high-pressure pump is designed for system pressures up to 64 bar ( 928 PSI) . This pump series is suitable for the use in industries with high demands to hygiene and reliability. A typical application area for the new high-pressure pump is membrane filtration like Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nano Filtration (NF) in the dairy, food and beverage industry.

Certified pump design

The GEA Hilge HYGIA H pumps are CIP and SIP capable according to the performance criteria for pumps. The 3-A certified series is based on the proven design of the HYGIA pumps. The extensive customer and requirement specific documentation and certificates facilitate the qualification of the pump in the plant.

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