GEA Stem diaphragm valves

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 The GEA stem diaphragm valves are characterized by a higher safety protection against contamination from the environment and, thus, warrant microbial stability of the product over the whole process in Ultra Clean applications in the food, beverage and dairy industry.

The hermetically sealing diaphragm gives the GEA stem diaphragm valve a higher hygienic standard that ensures higher product quality and longer shelf-life of products as often demanded from customers with Ultra Clean applications.

The innovative connection between valve stem and diaphragm in the product area and the minimized mechanical stress of the diaphragm during switching procedures should be noted.  They sets standards for the service life at proven temperature resilience and
cleaning ability.

The valves can be equipped with T.VIS® control tops. They integrate and combine our valves into the automated process plant.


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