Inline High Shear Mixer 20HP Motor (Big Daddy)

  • $18,864.00

The Inline Shear Mixer and Disperser work as a Sanitary Pump and Blender. 

Inline High Shear Mixer  Cart 20HP (Big Daddy)  

20HP General Purpose Motor with VFD option ( contact us for Stainless Steel or Explosion-proof motor) 

*Price depends on the VFD voltage, motor, and upgrades requested from the customer, this price is for our standard, 3 phase 480V.

- Helps to break solids and blend substances.

- Removes lumps from sauces and other applications.

- Mix, Emulsify and Homogenize liquids

Capacity chart        



 TEFC “Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled":

Totally enclosed motors are suitable for use in humid environments. The motor is dust-tight and has a moderate water seal as well.


Designed to withstand high-pressure wash-downs or other high humidity or wet environments. This does not allow the motor to be submerged.

Notes: To place the order let us know what stator you need, you can find more information below with each stator specification

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