Inoxpa ME Inline Mixer

Inoxpa ME Inline Mixer

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ME-Inline Mixer ( Inoxpa) 

The ME-4100 series of the inline high shear mixers offer a possibility to pumpdispersehomogenize and emulsify products with one and the same equipment.
Numerous chemical, food-processing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics production processes require this system as there are lines with ingredient separation or due to the lack of space inside the tanks to install vertical or bottom of the tank mixers.
These mixers are especially useful in already existing plants.
They can work with a recirculation tank reaching the best efficiency after several passes of the product through the mixer.


 Operating Principle 

The casing is similar to a casing of a centrifugal pump, it houses the stator and the rotor. It is characterized by a high shear due to an adjusted tolerance between the rotor and the stator and the high speed of the rotor.
The product is suctioned through the inlet and the rotor pushes it to the stator. Passing through the slots of the stator the product is mechanically sheared, the particles are sheared by the rotor at the speed of more than 20 m/s.
And finally, the flow is hydraulically sheared leaving the stator through the slots at a high speed.
If the product is a high viscosity product it is recommended to put an auxiliary pump at the inlet of the mixer, Is important to confirm if high pressure is required. 

Design and features 

High shear, particle size reduction to less than 100 microns.
Sanitary Double mechanical seal.
Slotted head (standard).
Various easily interchangeable working heads.
Completely CIP capable design.
Drain port connection (in the casing): clamp DN-3/4".
Standard connections: Clamp ISO-2852.
Close-coupled construction, small baseplate.



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