LR/LM Side Entry Agitator

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The Side Entry Agitator range is designed for use in low viscosity product mixing and maintenance applications. They are used in processing and storage tanks in the food industry for products such as wine, oil, milk, beer, juice, and alcohol.

One of the features of the side entry agitators is that they are economical when used in large volume tanks compared to vertical agitators used with the same tank volume.

Our standard side entry agitator range includes LR models, which are agitators driven by a geared motor operating at 200 rpm. Operating at low revolutions provides smooth product agitation or maintenance. In addition, we have the LM model, driven by a direct motor at velocities of either 1000 rpm or 1500 rpm, producing more intense agitation.

These agitators are installed at an angle in the bottom of the tank’s ring. Their operating principle is based on rotating a propeller that creates a flow to push the product towards the tank bottom. This makes the product flow upwards along the tank sides on the opposite side to the agitator towards the liquid’s surface.