Multi Stage Mixer Emulsifier

Multi Stage Mixer Emulsifier

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PC Multi Stage Emulsifier 

An inline mixer is a High Shear Mixer for inline or continuous operation. In the Inline process, the mixer is installed outside the tank. This makes it easy to be built into an existing production line with normal inlet/outlet connections.

 In the case to deal with liquid with low viscosity, the inline mixer can pump the liquid without an additional- al pump. That is why it is also called a High Shear Pump.

 The mixer can be used to deal with the product in a single pass or with several circulations to make the product better.

Different from a Batch High Shear Mixer, the mixing occurs in the mixing chamber, thus energy is introduced onto materials in the most efficient way. This also cuts the process times by up to 90% compared with conventional blending methods


The PC3 series Multi-stage Inline Mixer. PC3 series Inline Mixers have three sets of stator & rotor. Standard PC3 Mixer includes sets of coarse, intermediate, and fine stator & rotor assemblies. PC3 Series Inline Mixer is applied to deal with difficult to disperse materials,  or when customers require single-pass processing.

The multi-stage (usually 3-stage) inline mixer has 3 sets of stator/rotor systems to enhance its shearing performance. This design dramatically reduces processing time, and in some cases, only one pass through the mixer can lead to satisfied products.

Depending on the materials to be processed and customer requirements, for each stator/rotor, there can be only one row or multi-row of teeth. 

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