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The PD series High Speed Disperser (or Dissolver) is ideally designed to meet the demands of a broad spectrum of industrial applications for dispersing purpose of solid or liquid materials into liquid body.

PD series High Speed Disperser (or Dissolver) works with the powerful high speed rotation of the saw disc impeller. Liquid or solid materials are subject to the high shear force at the periphery of the saw disc when the impeller is rotating at high speed, and they are dispersed quickly and efficiently into the liquid body, after short time, homogeneous dispersion is produced.

Design Features

Except the standard features of the High Speed Disperser such  as  drum  clamping  arms,  hydraulic  lifting  station, complete safety switches, variable speed controlling, etc, we can also customize accessories to meet your specific needs, those options including but not limited to:

  • Swiveling head which can serve several stationary drums
  • Quick locking vacuum cover which allows easy dismantling
  • Adjustable safety cover which protects against splashing and dust
  • Impeller system with a static toothed ring for very high shearing forces
  • Mixing drums
  • Double-jacketed mixing drums


Dispersing,  suspending,  emulsifying,  dissolving,  homogenizing, mixing and breaking down agglomerates of high viscous materials (up to 300,000 cPs)

Paints, varnishes and printing inks

Preparing  paint  batches,  carbon  paper  paint,  artist's  paints, priming and rust removing paints, fillers, dispersion and coating paints, varnish pastes, printing inks, resin solutions, textile printing inks.


Preparing all types of PVC, PU pastes, color concentrates and plastic putties


Preparing rubber, neoprene, resin and other types of adhesives


Preparing filler dispersions, coating materials, insulation materials, bitumen based sealing materials, greases and lubricants.


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