PDI High Speed Mixer

  • $46,150.00




The PDI series High-Speed Mixer, also called Mixer Granulator, Wet Granulator, or High Shear Mixer Granulator, is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing of dry powders or granulating with the addition of liquid binder, within a very short time and with excellent cleaning abilities. It is able to give perfect results for mixing due to the innovative design of a central Impeller type mixer with a side vertical Chopper.

The PDI series High-Speed Mixer consists of two electric motors, one reduction gear, coupling, and shafts with the two agitators. The shaft is sealed with special sealing, sometimes with air purge, in a way that there is limited contact between the material and the seal. In this Mixer, the powders are set in a multidimensional shear flow state and it needs only a short mixing time until they are thoroughly mixed.

 In case that granulation is required, the spraying system sprays the binder solution into the bowl to agglutinate with the materials, and under the combined action of the impeller and chopper,   uniform and porous granules are produced. After finishing the mixing or granulation process, powders/granules are discharged through the side discharge with no "dead zone" valve.

Materials are loaded from the top, and the discharge is located at the bottom. Due to the consistent modular design,  the system can be configured individually and easily adapted to the constructional circumstances and specific requirements.

Some typical applications of a PDI series High-Speed Mixer include but not limited to:

Food industry

Batters, Doughs for pastries, Flavours, Instant meals, Spice and herb mixtures, Sugar-based confectionery tablets.

Chemical industry

Coloring of plastics, Masterbatches, Powder mixing with liquid addition, Powder paints.

Pharmaceutical industry

Granulate mixtures, Powder mixtures, wet granulations

Cosmetics industry

Ceramic dental mixtures, Eye shadows, Face powders.


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