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 Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

The PVC series Vacuum Emulsifying Mixers are specially designed and used extensively in the production of Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Dressings, Chocolate Fillings, Chocolate Frostings, Sauces, etc; but can also be applied in the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is more than a single emulsifying mixer, but a vacuum mixing, dispersing, and emulsifying system that is used whenever high quality and absolutely air-free product is required.

The PVC series Vacuum Emulsifying Mixers cater to various work processes which normally require more machinery in one system. In the PVC series Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer, base materials can be mixed in liquids, dispersed, and homogenized while at the same time all air is removed. This produces stable emulsions with a long shelf life in storage.

How it works?

The PVC Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer includes a mixing tank (with or without jacket), an internal slow running anchor mixer, and an external inline high shear mixer.

 The inline mixer has several inlet ports, and the main inlet is connected with the bottom discharge of the tank, with the other two inlets connected with other liquid and powder tanks. The inline mixer’s outlet goes back to the top section of the mixing tank. 

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