Sanitary Progressive Cavity Pump NETZSCH Pumps

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Sanitary NEMO NETZSCH Progressive Cavity Pump with a 3HP Gear Motor ( Nord)  mounted inline o a carbon steel 1020 baseplate as per the technical.

Characteristics and benefits of the NEMO® BY Block pump:

a.Reliable and sophisticated construction.

b.Space-saving construction Modular construction system.

c.4 different stator – rotor geometries available for most sizes.

d.Low investment and operating costs

e.Low maintenance expenses 

 This information is provided for reference purposes only. To find out which pump is best for your application, please fill out our pump application datasheet or contact us to work together in your application. 

TEFC “Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled":

Totally enclosed motors are suitable for use in humid environments. The motor is dust-tight and has a moderate water seal as well.



Connections: 2 1/2" Tri-Clamp

Direction of rotation: To the left, counterclockwise(as viewed from drive end).

Pump Pedestal: Stainless Steel SAE 316

Housing Seals: FKM 

SiC v SiC faces, Viton elastomers

Joint sealing material: Buna/SAE 316 Stainless Steel

Joint lubrication: Food Grade Oil

Extension Shaft Material: Stainless Steel SAE 316 polished to 32 Ra


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