Sanitary Stainless Steel Flexible Impeller ( Washdown motor)

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Sanitary Tri Clamp Stainless Steel Flexible Impeller Pump ( Stainless Steel Motor) 


Max, temperature: 180°F

Max, speed: 1800 rpm

Motors: 1HP - 3 HP

Nema Motor: (Stainless Steel Washdown)

Impeller" EPDM Rubber

* 3-Phase, 60Hz
* 1745 RPM
* 208-230/460 Volt
* TEFC Enclosure

****We provide FDA / 3A EPDM impellers in standard temperature to 180F or high temperature to 210F.***


Even a self-priming pump has to be primed initially.

No matter the product,  there is a priming chamber (integral or external) or some portion of the volute that will require filling prior to startup.

All pumps need fluid in the casing to get started. Running dry, even for a short while, will cause damage to the mechanical seal, and the pump will fail.

We recommend using a 100 mesh strainer at the discharge of the pump. 

The Flexible Impeller has gentle pumping action and ensures the consistency of the fluid remains unaffected by shear forces e.g. milk, cream, and thixotropic fluids.

Also, the flow is also non-pulsating,  the solids can be handled with ease, but also without damage. Seeds, grapes, and fruit in suspension can be handled gently, retaining solid integrity.  Solids are also kept in suspension which can be important with textured products, such as; yogurts, drinks, or sauces, that is why our customers prefer to use this positive displacement pump. 

The warranty does not cover the Mechanical Seal, Impeller, or other parts damaged.