Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Thermowells for Brewing

Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Thermowells for Brewing

  • $147.06

REOTEMP’s Sanitary Thermowells make it possible to remove an instrument without dropping pressure or losing contents. Each stainless steel Thermowell is die stamped with type of material from which it is made. Sanitary wells have a smooth surface (RA32 or Better) and a Tri-Clamp® connection which allows for easy cleaning to prevent contamination of the process. They are used in the Brewing, Dairy, Food Processing, and Pharmaceutical industries.

  • Smooth Surface for Easy Cleaning (RA32 or Better)
  • Provides Sanitary Protection for Temperature Probes
  • All 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fast Installation and Removal
  • Ideal for Food, Beverage, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Exceeds 3A #4 Finish
  • Easy Removal of Instrument for Calibration or Replacement.


Tri-Clamp Size “A” Stem Length “U’ Dimension “C” Dimension
1.5″ 2.5″ 1.625″ 2″
1.5″ 4″ 2.5″ 2″
1.5″ 6″ 4.5″ 2″
1.5″ 9″ 7.5″ 2″