V2B Vacuum/Vent Retainer Ring

V2B Vacuum/Vent Retainer Ring

  • $27.50

The V2B Vacuum/Vent Breaker Retainer Rings are constructed from heat traceable 316L Stainless Steel for use in your sanitary systems. These retainer rings hold your V2B gaskets securely on the ferrule to ensure no particles bypass the mesh screen. All V2B Vacuum/Vent Breaker Gaskets require the use of a retainer ring. 

The V2B Vacuum/Vent Breaker system is a cost-effective and incredibly simple way to provide contaminated free airflow to any tank system. The V2B Gasket is the answer for vacuum and pressure relief in pharmaceutical and food/beverage processing tank applications where airborne particulate removal is required. Using a 200 mesh screen combined with a 14 mesh screen of sintered construction, Rubber Fab has created a cost-effective alternative to expensive vacuum breakers and venting systems. Because the V2B Gasket can provide unrestricted airflow with ultra-fine filtration, you can feel secure in knowing the hygienic condition of the tank contents remains protected. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the V2B Gasket is a cost-effective and incredibly simple way to provide contaminated free airflow to any tank system.

The V2B System is attached using a standard Sanitary Tri-Clamp® to a sanitary tank port, just like traditional vacuum breakers. You can run the V2B Vent Vacuum Breakers in vertical, horizontal, single, or multiport configurations without any special fabrication or expensive tooling. You can even increase the airflow of your system by using a Clamp x Clamp Concentric Reducer to run a larger V2B gasket than your tank was designed for. The V2B Screen will fit perfectly into the ID of sanitary tubing and can be used for inflow fluid conditioning filtration as well.

V2B Vent Breaker Gasket Features: 

  • Sizes Available: 1 1/2" – 6"
  • Removes atmospheric and environmental particulates
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Meets 3A design
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • V2B works as both a vacuum breaker and venting system
  • Materials of construction are both lots and batch certifiable
  • Elastomers available: Platinum Cured Silicone, FKM, and EPDM
  • All V2B gaskets are removable and replaceable
  • Minimizes the need for pre-air filters
Meets High Pharmaceutical Standards:
  • U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI Certification
  • Cytotoxicity Criteria
  • Title 21 CFR 177.2600
  • USDA Sanitary Standards
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)