QIM Series Inline Mixers

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The most versatile mixers in the market

Perfectly created solutions for applications that require to be homogenized or disintegrated while being pumped. Centrifugal equipment in radial flow line designed under 3-A & EHEDG standards.

What can I use the QIM SERIES for?

QIM Inline Mixer for Use for Pastas Sauces Ice Creams Dressings Pulps Syrups Jellies Puddings Purees Cosmetics and Emulsifying


  • Has a semi-open impeller design to keep pressurized and achieve better lubrication in the mechanical seal. 
  • Built in SS 316L with surface finish on all surfaces in contact with the fluid 32 Ra maximum
  • Completely drainable with the discharge in horizontal position
  • Use of o-ring to achieve a better seal
  • Easy maintenance and high efficiency
  • 5 different backplates options for better performance
  • Designed under 3-A and EHEDG standards
  • Flow: 352 gpm / 1,333 lpm
  • Pressure: 6 bar / 92 psi
  • Viscosity: 600 cP
  • Temperature: 10º to 150ºC / 14º to 302ºF


PDF QIM Series Inline Mixer Brochure

Backplate Options

  • Big Slots: For disintegrations of hard solids.
  • Big Inclined Slots: For disintegration of small solids.
  • Big Radial Slots: For mixing powders and liquids.
  • Small Slots: For disintegrations of soft solids.
  • Small Radial Slots: For emulsifying different liquids.


  • Thanks to its modular design, QIM Inline Mixers can be converted into a QDB Dry Blender by adding a table and a cone
  • It’s different backplate options makes the QIM tailor-made for each application